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Owners and operators will continue to see new and broader environmental requirements coming from domestic, international and industry regulatory bodies. With each new regulation, a new set of data will need to be captured managed and reported on.  The NS Voyage Manager supports compliance with and reporting of a variety of port state and international environmental regulations including: 

NS Voyage Manager Capabilities

  • EU MRV - Emissions data capture with EU approved excel reporting template built in.  Learn more about how we support MRV
  • IMO DCS - Emissions data capture with IMO approved reporting built in
  • Ballast Water Exchange - Capture ballast water exchange data with US EPA and generic Port State approved formats for reporting
  • Fuel Switching (ECA Compliance) - Capture fuel switching activities for reporting to Port States
  • Garbage record Book - Capture garbage management activities to support MARPOL V reporting
  • Oil Record Book - Capture oil transfer activities to support MARPOL oil record book
  • Vessel General Permit (VGP) - Capture environmental activities with US EPA electronic report submission
  • Bunker Delivery Notes - Capture bunker delivery note information to support MRV reporting

Through an easy to use web interface, operations personnel can easily access critical information for voyage planning, and environmental impact to maintain a compliant and efficient operation.

Quick and Easy Implementation

The NS Voyage Manager is deployed in a cloud environment for quick and easy set up and is offered with subscription pricing.  Contact us today to learn how easy it is to get started.  

Improve Accuracy with NS AutoLogger

With the addition of NS AutoLogger, accuracy is improved through automatic capture of sensor data.

Key Features:

  • Secure marine-grade appliance 
  • Capture data directly from sensors and ship systems 
  • Improved accuracy of logged data
  • Data logging on demand
  • Custom defined data transfer systems
  • Automated Import of data to NS Noon Reports
  • Eases reporting procedures for Environmental Compliance

Seamless integration with the NS Maintenance Manager for equipment, spaces and maintenance plan, in addition to NS Crew Manager provides operators with a comprehensive view of voyage history.  





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