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Vetting Manager


Preparing for Inspection

To achieve success in today’s competitive shipping environment, owners and operators must maintain a fleet of vessels available with sound vetting records. Higher vetting scores lead to more charter opportunities. 

The NS Vetting Manager supports the vetting process from pre-inspection through acceptance. Users have acces to a comprehensive knowledge base with a complete history of all past vetting inspections. Responses and actions can be leveraged to assess overall readiness and support continuous improvement of the vetting process.

NS Vetting Manager Capabilities

  • Intuitive dashboards provide simple and efficient access to all the information needed to prepare for and manage vetting inspections.  Users can easily access the status of inspections at both fleet and vessel level to better manage the response process.     
  • Users can view observations based on the relevant inspection sections for standard protocols including OCIMF SIRE, OVIQ and BIQ.  Documented observations by inspector can be linked to corrective actions to fully document the result. 
  • A comprehensive response library provides properly worded and pre-vetted responses to the observations by vetting inspector.  New responses can be added so the vetting response process improves over time.
  • Seamless integration with the HSQE and Maintenance Managers ties observations to corrective actions and the resulting maintenance and repairs for a complete resolution and documentation.
  • NS Vetting Manager supports integration with Q88.
  • Supports compliance with TMSA, OCIMF SIRE, BIQ and OVIQ.

NS Cloud

Reliable. Easy to Deploy. Cost Effective.

The power of NS can now be harnessed in a cloud environment making is easier and more cost effective for our customers to implement, deploy and manage the Nautical Systems Fleet Management Software.  
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