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MRV is here. Time to prepare.

The European Union’s Monitoring Reporting and Verification Regulation will come into force January 1, 2018 and monitoring plans must be submitted by August 2017. Owners and operators trading in the EU must comply and need to begin planning to ensure the proper IT infrastructure is in place and personnel is properly trained.  Accurate data collection and storage is critical to compliance.  Currently, the majority of this data is being captured on paper making reporting a challenge.  Further, accuracy of emissions calculations is critical.  The increase in data captured and reported on can overburden the crew and lead to inaccuracies.   


ABS NS MRV Reporting Solution

ABS Nautical Systems alleviates this burden with an MRV solution that enables owners and operators trading in the EU to accurately capture, manage and report on CO2 emissions.  NS MRV is integrated with the NS Voyage Performance Manager and automatically calculates emissions and generates the required EU excel report.  Data is captured through standard voyage activities in Noon reports or can be automated through the NS Auto-logger.

All supporting plan data needed to produce the approved MRV annual report is stored within the NS database including:

  • Monitoring plan data (Plan ID, version, approval date, monitoring method, etc.)
  • MRV Verifier Company Information
  • Vessel Operator contact information

NS supports all combinations of Monitoring Plans:

  • Single plan for the entire organization
  • Multi-ship plans by fleet
  • Individual plans per vessel
  • Combination of Individual and multi-ship plans

NS Auto-Logger: 

With NS Auto-logger, data is automatically captured through available sensor data so owners and operators can be assured of data accuracy. NS Auto-Logger:

  • Captures all available sensor data
  • Allows selected data to be replicated on shore
  • Directly updates database
  • Eliminates manual entry

With the NS MRV reporting tool, owners and operators can be assured of accurate compliance to the new EU regulation.   The addition of the NS Auto-Logger will improve accuracy and greatly reduce the burden on the crew. 





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