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Asset Management


Maximizing the Economic Value of Assets

Competing for charters in today’s environment is challenging, forcing owners and operators to take a more strategic approach to asset management to maximize the economic value of each vessel. IT solutions designed around processes that cut across different functional areas are necessary to provide accurate and timely information to key stakeholders for critical decisions.

NS Asset Management integrates information across maintenance, structural integrity, purchasing, safety and quality management processes.

Planning and Execution

NS Asset Management is a comprehensive solution that enables cost and operational efficiencies at every stage in the asset lifecycle.

Maintenance - Drives efficiency, reduces downtime and lowers total cost of maintenance.

Structure - Tracks anomalies and maximizes life of asset.

Materials - Maintenance plan supports competitive bidding for right sized inventory.

Procurement - Optimizes procurement process to reduce costs and enables eCommerce.

Drydock - Proactively plans and negotiates scope, costs and timelines. 





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