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Nautical Systems Performance Management


The Next Generation of Vessel Performance

ABS Nautical Systems is leading innovation to address the challenges of compliance and operational efficiency with the most comprehensive tool available that includes both vessel and environmental performance.  NS Vessel Performance leverages a ship-specific performance model based on vessel design characteristics. The model delivers performance predictions using sea trial data and other relevant information to establish performance baselines. Combining model output with the visualization and analysis of vessel operations data improves decision-making.   Demonstrating this capability to owners and charterers directly improves bottom line results and provides a competitive advantage.



Model Based - ABS leverages a Ship-specific Propulsion Model improve decision making by more accurately reflecting true vessel operations.

KPI-Driven Decision Support - A set of KPIs for Vessel Performance are established to enable decision support both on shore and aboard the vessel. Including:

  • Hull and propeller performance
  • Main Engine condition
  • Auxiliary Engine/Systems base load operation
  • Vessel/fleet benchmarking of performance
  • Prediction/planning of fuel efficiency improvement measures

Accurate Complaince - Operational profiles for fleet wide comparison, consumption overviews of shipboard components and further KPIs can be derived from data to assess operational efficiency, maintenance strategies and conformance to charter party requirements. Fuel consumption and emissions calculations enable compliance to environmental regulations, including MRV, and contribute to an active Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan.

Web-based Interfaces for Analysis and Reporting - Provides easy access to data for custom reporting and analysis on specific performance issues or for fleet wide benchmarking and comparison.

Fully Integrated - The Vessel Performance tool is completely integrated with the full range of Nautical Systems fleet management applications delivering one complete solution.





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