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Analyzing the Options Available for Energy Savings

Many different energy-saving devices have been studied to either correct the performance of a suboptimal ship design or to improve on already optimal or near-optimal designs.  A range of these devices are aimed at improving propulsion (e.g. wake-equalizing ducts, rudder bulb fins, etc.), reducing skin friction and utilization of renewable energy sources. Through the use of CFD to evaluate various compatible combinations, these devices can be explored to provide guidance to a vessel owners on enhancing energy efficiency.

In addition, we provide a CFD-based integrated hull, propeller, rudder and energy-saving device analysis of a complete vessel. This is a cost-effective approach to assess the ship’s performance under various operating conditions, providing an opportunity to evaluate various design concepts.

Marine Services

With more than 200 million gross tons under ABS class, our global team of surveyors, engineers and technical specialist are prepared to help with any project, any time, any place.

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Environmental Performance

As environmental regulations expand, the marine industry needs specialists who understand the latest technology solutions. ABS professionals are prepared to help our clients tackle these pressing challenges.

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Vessel Performance

As energy costs continue to rise, owners and operators must find safe and practical solutions to improve vessel performance. ABS specialists assist clients in identifying the right solution for their needs.

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