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Performance Monitoring


Monitoring Asset Performance

To optimize performance efficiency within a vessel and across a fleet, quantitative measurements must be tracked consistently. ABS has the tools and expertise to help track the right metric benchmarks to identify problematic trends, measure progress and move steadily toward performance targets.

ABS’ Operational and Environmental Performance (OEP) Monitoring software modules track and aggregate data on a number of factors known to contribute to overall vessel performance, including but not limited to:

  • Engine load
  • Fuel consumption
  • Fuel quality
  • Vessel speed
  • Propeller RPMs
  • Environmental conditions
  • Trading pattern

OEP Performance Monitoring software charts how various conditions, mechanics and operational choices affect performance baselines and reveals areas where small changes may yield great improvements toward operational efficiency.

Marine Services

With more than 200 million gross tons under ABS class, our global team of surveyors, engineers and technical specialist are prepared to help with any project, any time, any place.

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Energy Efficiency

By necessity, the shipping industry is adopting a more energy-efficient transportation model. ABS is providing guidance and aids shipowners and operators in making informed decisions along the way.

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Environmental Performance

As environmental regulations expand, the marine industry needs specialists who understand the latest technology solutions. ABS professionals are prepared to help our clients tackle these pressing challenges.

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