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ABS Awarded Maritime Cybersecurity Research Contract

ABS directs Joint Industry Development Project to determine the direction of cybersecurity in the maritime industry. ABS has been awarded a research contract by the Maritime Security Center (MSC) for a two-year research program focused on defining the future of cybersecurity for the maritime industry.


A Global Leader in Marine Classification

No other classification society in the world has the depth and breadth of experience of ABS across all major sectors of the marine industry.

Since its inception in 1862, ABS has been a global leader in marine safety. With nearly 4,000 technical professionals positioned around the world, the ABS team has the experience, knowledge and professional judgment to assist members and clients in developing their marine projects.

Today ABS is on the cutting edge of technologies related to technical evaluation services, vessel performance, LNG as marine fuel and the latest design techniques. Our professionals are also up to date on the latest in regulatory requirements and best practices of the marine industry.

No matter the type of vessel or the location of construction, ABS professionals stand ready to help with the complete life cycle of your project.

Subchapter M

Learn the key elements of Subchapter M and the new comprehensive safety system that includes company compliance, vessel compliance, vessel standards, and oversight.


Technical Evaluation Services

To assist the maritime industry in tackling changing operational, safety, and regulatory dynamics ABS has developed a suite of technical evaluation services that leverage cutting-edge tools, models, and practices to find the right solution for each project. 


IMO Polar Code Support

The Polar Code introduces a broad spectrum of new binding regulations covering elements of ship design, construction, onboard equipment and machinery, operational procedures, training standards, and pollution prevention.

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Type Approval

ABS Type Approval is available for a wide range of products for marine and offshore applications, industrial plant and processes and the information technology sector.