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ABS Technical Evaluation Services

As shipowners and operators deal with a rapidly challenging marketplace, the need for improved safety, reliability, efficiency, and environmental stewardship is paramount to long-term sustainability. Changing environmental regulations, unpredictable energy prices and volatile freight rates have made it imperative for designers, builders, owners and operators to continuously improve operational and environmental performance of vessels.

To assist the maritime industry in tackling changing operational, safety, and regulatory dynamics ABS has developed a suite of technical evaluation services that leverage cutting-edge tools, models, and practices to find the right solution for each project. Services such as in-depth fleet and operational analysis, techno-economic evaluation, operational profile analysis and regulatory readiness review are just a few of the many options available to help make better informed decisions in vessel design, construction, operation, and maintenance.

And learn more about the wide range of services ABS has available in areas of Energy Efficiency, Vessel Performance, and Environmental Solutions.

Download this case study to learn how ABS technical evaluation services assisted one client in developing its next-generation neo-feeder container ship concept.

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