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ABS to Class First Self-Elevating Unit Built in Qatar

ABS was selected by Nakilat-Keppel Offshore & Marine (N-KOM) to class the first self-elevating unit ever to be built in Qatar.

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Class societies are integral to the verification process for offshore assets. ABS acceptance criteria can be applied throughout the life cycle of mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) and specialized support vessels.

Just as operators keep pace with changing demands, ABS guidelines for certifying drilling systems adapt to keep pace with industry practices, market needs, scientific advancements and safety innovations. ABS-classed systems perform in operating conditions ranging from frigid, sub-Arctic temperatures to saline environments with highly corrosive water chemistries.

ABS engineers and surveyors are known for the practical experience and technical knowledge they bring to deepwater and ultra deepwater projects. Our solutions-oriented team continues to expand research to address complicated frontier and harsh-environment challenges.

The scope of offshore research ranges from probabilistic analyses of design safety, viability and practicality to approving risk-based inspection programs to maintain and prolong the life of offshore assets. Applied research targeting ultra deep water, high pressure and high temperatures are among hundreds of research programs underway in our five global technology centers and our technology headquarters in Houston.

At ABS, the innovative process never stops.

Offshore Equipment and Systems

Advancement in the offshore oil and gas industry depends on increasingly advanced equipment. ABS works to verify rigorous safety and performance standards.

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Integrated Software Quality Management

ISQM is designed to uncover software issues early in the development phase allowing effective solutions to be implemented as software issues arise.

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Harsh Environment

As operations move into deeper water or increasingly battle ice conditions, owners and operators can leverage the extensive experience of ABS to achieve safe and successful operations.

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