Smart Functionality and Related Equipment & Services Certification

ABS Webinar: Smart Functionality and Related Equipment & Services Certification- Chinese

ABS网络研讨会:智能功能以及智能化设备与服务认证- 中文版

ABS recently published its Smart Guide to help marine and offshore owners and operators capitalize on their operational data by using smart functions to improve asset health monitoring. Smart technology helps to effectively collect, process and perform advanced data analytics, enabling data-driven decision making.

During this webinar, Dr. Christina Wang, Vice President ABS Global Marine and Jingdong Sheng, ABS Technology Director, will provide an overview of the ABS Guide for Smart Functions for Marine and Offshore Units and walk you through the requirements and next steps to achieve certification of marine and offshore equipment and services for smart functionality.

The ABS Smart Guide gives the marine and offshore industries’ first set of notations for smart technology. The guide applies a risk-informed set of easy-to-apply prescriptive requirements for engineering review and survey of smart technology applications.

ABS最近发布了“智能指南”, 通过智能功能并借助于其运营数据,  来帮助船舶和海工业主和运营商提高其资产健康的监控。智能技术有助于有效地收集,处理和执行高级数据分析,从而实现数据驱动的决策制定。

在本次网络研讨会期间,ABS全球海事副总裁Christina Wang博士和ABS总部技术总监Jingdong Shen将ABS概述船舶和海工设备智能功能指南,并指导您如何完成船舶和海工智能化设备与服务认证。

ABS智能指南为船舶和海工智能技术开创了第一套入级符号。 该指南为智能技术应用的工程审查与检验, 提供了一系列以风险告知为基础并易于应用的规范要求。



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