Management and Organization

Management & Organization

Improving Management Systems

Management systems have a significant impact on the safe operation of ships. The ABS Ergonomics Model takes into account management and organizational considerations that impact safety throughout a system life cycle. The effective implementation of a well-designed safety policy that includes ergonomics creates an environment that minimizes risks and reflects a good corporate safety culture. Commitment from top management is essential if a safety management system and policy are to succeed.

Management can demonstrate its commitment to safety with:

  • Uniformly enforced management rules for employee conduct
  • Easy-to-read and clear management policies
  • Sufficient funding for operations and safety programs, including ergonomics, to be properly integrated and implemented
  • Work schedules arranged to minimize employee fatigue
  • Support for a high-level management safety position with the authority to enforce a safety policy that includes ergonomics
  • Positive reinforcement of employees who follow company safety rules
  • Company commitment to vessel/offshore installation maintenance.

The four areas covered within the Management and Organization element of the ABS Ergonomics Model are:



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