In an effort to determine those owners who are operating sub-standard ships, port states have increased their inspections of foreign vessels over the past several years.

ABS maintains a database of ABS classed vessels to notice trends in the types of deficiencies that are recurring and to take internal corrective action.

We advise our clients of our findings in order to assist them in the proper maintenance of their vessels. To help our clients, we have developed a checklist for crewmembers to use when carrying out normal routine maintenance of their vessels.

Completion of this checklist is not a requirement of class nor required by any port state authority. It is merely a tool that may be used by the crew to refer them to items that are often over-looked during routine maintenance.

What to do if the crew can't rectify any outstanding items from the checklist:

  • Prior to entering port, we suggest to our clients that they notify ABS
  • Request attendance
  • Make a notation in the vessel's logbook of the action taken.

Such action may avoid difficulties later with port state authorities and prevent a vessel from being detained.