ABS Smart Scheduler™

ABS Smart Scheduler™

Industry's only mobile survey booking tool that allows you to schedule surveys via SMS text or WhatsApp in less than a minute ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY WAY. Schedule surveys on the go – with or without Internet access.

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With ABS Smart Scheduler, we put everything at your fingertips making it easy to schedule surveys, manage your fleet and be totally prepared before you pull into port.

"I can see myself using this at home, when I am on the road
when I stop for a coffee - anytime, basically."

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  • Get automated reminders for surveys coming due and certification renewals

  • Schedule by phone via text message or internationally via WhatsApp

  • Take advantage of remote survey options

  • Connect to port-specific External Specialists for upcoming surveys

  • Access custom pre-arrival port checklists

  • Enjoy mobile convenience with 24/7 global connection

ABS Smart Scheduler now available for users of the ABS MyFreedom™ Client Portal. Not a current portal user?

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Get a glimpse of the industry’s new survey booking tool using text and WhatsApp.

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Schedule your surveys in less than a minute with Smart Scheduler—with or without Internet.