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The ABS suite of engineering software for maritime and offshore industries allows you to quickly assess compliance with ABS requirements. Starting with our groundbreaking SafeHull software in 1993, ABS offers valuable software tools for engineers, designers, owners and shipyards to assist with assessing stability and structural integrity in design, as well as enhance safety and reliability in service.


ABS Engineering Applications


ABS WebCalc Machinery Software

The ABS Webcalc Machinery software is an easy-to-use tool that allows shipyards, designers, and equipment manufacturers to verify compliance with the ABS Rules. The ABS Webcalc Machinery Software can be easily accessed by logging into your My Eagle account on Inside the application you can access several of the ABS rule sets, including the Marine Vessel Rules, Rules for MODUs, and Steel Vessel Rules.

Containership Software

Easy-to-use software for checking compliance with the Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels. Training videos are available upon request to introduce new users to the software and guide them through the enhanced graphic user interface.

Liquefied Gas Carriers Software

Developed as a tool for evaluating a vessel’s design, this easy-to-use application is based on the Guide for Building and Classing Liquefied Gas Carriers with Independent Tanks.

Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) Software

Based on Rules for Building and Classing Offshore Support Vessels, ABS OSV Structures software verifies the scantlings of the structure members according to the ABS Rules requirements for offshore support vessels.

Polar Quick Check Software

Excel-based program checks local scantlings of hull structures for compliance with the IACS Unified Requirements in Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels.

Offshore Structure Assessment Program (OSAP) Software

OSAP assists designers of offshore drilling and production installations such as semisubmersibles, TLPs and spars to easily check the compliance of designs with ABS class requirements based on Rules for Building and Classing Mobile Offshore Drilling Units and Rules for Building and Classing Floating Production Installations.

Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Software

Used for the design and classing of ship-type Floating Production Installations (FPI), according to Rules for Building and Classing Floating Production Installations.

Hull Girder Structural Analysis (HGSA) Software

Calculates steel vessels’ gross hull girder section geometry and torsion properties, and then evaluates vessel design based on Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels.

Drillship Software

Developed for the applications of New Build Drillship based on the Guide for Building and Classing Drillships.

Floating Liquefied Gas Terminals (FLGT) Software

Performs ship-type floating LNG structural assessment in accordance with the Guide for Building and Classing Floating Offshore Liquefied Gas Terminals.

Dynamic Load Approach Floating Offshore Structures (DLAFOS) Software

For the analysis of ABS Dynamic Loading Approach (DLA) and Spectral-Based Fatigue Analysis (SFA) for Floating Offshore Structures (FOS) in models with less than 500K FEM nodes and elements. In accordance with the Guide for Dynamic Loading Approach for Floating Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) Installations.

Container Lashing (LASH) Software

Analyzes reaction forces acting on container securing systems, including stacking devices and lashing gear for containers stowed on deck or inside cargo holds not fitted with cell guides. In accordance with the Guide for Certification of Container Securing Systems. Incorporates route-specific acceleration for 10 common routes.

Shaft Alignment Software

Analyzes inclined shafts with U-joints and cardan shafts, as well as shafting installation alignment in vertical or horizontal directions. Based on Rules for Building and Classing Steel Vessels.

Joint Venture Engineering Software Packages

To fulfill its mission promoting the security of life and property and preserving the natural environment, ABS works with other organizations in industry on engineering software.

Common Structural Rules Software LLC (CSRS)

A joint venture company established by American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Lloyd's Register, CSRS provides a validated and verified suite of software tools for common structural rules.

CSR Prescriptive Analysis and Finite Element Analysis Software

Assesses ship structures based on the Guide for the Optional Class Notation Deep Water Anchoring for Oil Tankers and Bulk Carriers.


Herbert-ABS, a joint venture between ABS and Herbert Engineering Corp, bridges design, classification and operational management aspects of vessels and offshore units. The company offers loading and salvage emergency response software packages and design tools to the maritime and offshore industries.

CargoMaxFor shipboard stability and load management. Learn more...

LMPFor offshore stability, monitoring and weight management. Learn more...

HECSALVFor salvage and emergency response, used by naval architects, salvage engineers, ship owners, classification societies, and military organizations. Learn more...

HECSTAB Offshore Stability Evaluation Software. Designed with a versatile user interface featuring improved 3D and 2D viewports, HECSTAB allows naval architects to easily evaluate multiple design options for non-ship shaped offshore assets.  Learn more...


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