E-Certificate Online Database


ABS certificate automation, or electronic certificate compliance (ECC), ensures that users have documentation on demand. ABS electronic certificates are verifiable digital equivalents of traditional ABS paper certificates. The ABS e-Certificate system allows a simultaneous, vessel-wide view of all e-certificates, rather than requiring the user to look each certificate up individually. 

Fully compliant with IMO Guidelines, ABS e-Certificates reduce administrative burdens, lessen onboard clutter, and simplify Flag State validation.


  • Available 24/7
  • Tamper proof
  • Independently verifiable and secure via the ABS public verification website
  • Digital equivalents of traditional ABS paper certificates.


Adopt e-Certificates in Three Easy Steps

STEP 1. Verify that your Flag State accepts e-Certificates.

Please contact the vessel's Flag Admin office to verify that the Flag state accepts e-Certs.

STEP 2. Tell us you want to enroll in e-Certificates.

Contact your local ABS office and we will setup your enrollment.

STEP 3. Request e-Certificates issuance.

Contact the appropriate ABS port office to arrange for vessel attendance and the issuance of e-Certificates. Normal survey attendance fees will apply.


Viewing your e-Certificates is Simple

Once you've enrolled, access your secure e-Certificates through the ABS MyFreedom™ portal to download, print and share via email, eliminating paper binders and missing documents. The e-Certificate in its digital form is the valid certificate. While e-Certificates may be printed, paper copies should only be used for reference purposes. 

If you do not have a login to the ABS MyFreedom™portal, contact your local ABS office or register here. Once you've logged in, select a vessel from your fleet and click the vessel card. Navigate to the Certificates Page. Locate the Certificate annotated with “ECC” to identify it as a compliant electronic certificate.

Select the checkbox and click on the download button to download and view the e-certificate PDF.  You will see that your e-certificate has been electronically signed and marked as secure. This verifies the e-certificate meets IMO FAL.5 Circ.39/Rev.2 requirements and has not been altered since issuance.


Online Validation for On-board ABS Certificates

Quickly validate an e-Certificate by searching the ABS e-Certificate Online Database and entering either the vessel IMO number or the certificate number. The authenticity, originality and traceability of the e-Certificates are managed by ABS and easily verifiable. 

To validate a certificate, simply press the red button below or go to https://absecert.eagle.org, enter the IMO Number or ABS Certificate Number, and press the "Search" button. If a certificate is valid, the general certificate information and its history of electronic endorsements will be provided.  If a certificate is not valid, an alert message will be provided.