Condition Assessment Program (CAP)


ABS CAP - Helping You Meet Charterer Requirements

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Extensive Assessment of Your Fleet

Cargo owners and many of the largest charterers typically require a Condition Assessment (CAP) Survey.  Charterers prefer a CAP Grade of 1 or 2 to fix older vessels identified to carry their cargo. The commercial opportunities for an older tanker, gas carrier, bulk carrier and more recently a containership and an offshore supply vessel without a satisfactory CAP rating may be limited.

What is CAP?

A Condition Assessment Program is the recognized method for an asset owner to demonstrate the quality and suitability of an asset for charter. The program provides a charterer with a technical evaluation of the physical condition and maintenance of a vessel above the requirements for Class.

The program includes a detailed survey of the vessel's hull structure including verification of gaugings as well as extensive testing of the vessel's machinery, equipment and cargo systems. This information combined with a strength and fatigue engineering analysis leads to a numeric rating being assigned to the vessel.

Condition Assessment Program Details

Assess physical condition and maintenance of vessel above the minimum requirements for Class

  • Review of Class Records
  • Fatigue Analysis
  • Condition Assessment Survey
  • Verification of Gaugings
  • Structural Evaluation
  • CAP Report and Grade

Why CAP with Fatigue Assessment?

The major charterers have introduced even tougher CAP standards as a requirement for charter. They demand that the CAP 1 or 2 rating include a detailed Fatigue Assessment. Other charterers are expected to follow this lead. CAP is able to quickly and cost effectively assess the cumulative impact of fatigue on a vessel’s critical structural components.

Potential Benefits of ABS CAP

  • Less time off-hire
  • Demonstrate maintenance and suitability for intended vessel charterers and contracts*
  • Recommendations for enhancement of critical areas above Class to meet charterers expectations
  • Modeling of structural performance for up to five years enabling comprehensive management of an aging vessel's hull structure through identification and rectification of high-stress critical areas
  • Higher resale value

* This is a voluntary service above class requirements


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