Offshore Wind Developments

Offshore Wind Developments

Advancing the Offshore Energy Transition

At The ForeFront of global Offshore Wind

In 2012, ABS certified the first semisubmersible offshore wind turbine WindFloat I. Since then, ABS has remained a trusted advisor by providing classification, and independent verification and certification services for offshore wind projects globally. 

ABS: Leaders in Global Offshore Wind

ABS Leaders in Global Offshore Wind

Interview of Matt Tremblay with Offshore Engineer Magazine on Windfarm Vessels

ABS Offshore Wind Report

Leading Classification for Offshore Wind Projects

With more than 70 years of experience in the offshore sector, we understand owners' and operators' need to enhance operational efficiencies with sustainable energy solutions.

ABS can assist in all phases of a project development, from concept development, design, manufacturing, installation and decommissioning.


  • ABS certified the first semisubmersible offshore wind turbine WindFloat I
  • ABS classed the world's largest floating wind turbine Windfloat Atlantic
  • ABS classed Kincardine, the world’s largest floating offshore windfarm when installed

Developing Global Standards for Offshore Wind

  • ABS has been instrumental in the formulation of global standards for wind platforms, notably working with the International Electrical Commission, IEC, on global standards for the design and fabrication of floating wind installations.


  • ABS is also heavily involved in the initiative to develop an ANSI standard for U.S. Offshore Wind Farms. This initiative was started under the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) but is now under The American Clean Power Association (ACP).

Webinar: Why Class is Important for Floating Offshore Wind Farm Developments

In this 30-minute webinar, Lars Samuelsson, Manager Global Offshore Renewables and Qing Yu, Director Technology, discuss how the experiences and procedures established in the marine and offshore industries can address life cycle challenges. We also address how Class can help wind farm owners and operators on the design, construction, and maintenance with a holistic life cycle asset integrity approach.

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Offshore Wind Developments

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