Offshore Decomissioning

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Stay informed and supported with the assistance of ABS. Our team is here to support all of your offshore needs.


What Does Decommissioning Entail?

As offshore facilities and vessels age over time, the need for responsible decommissioning becomes inevitable. ABS has long prioritized environmental safety and is committed to supporting ethical and safe decommissioning and recycling practices. Sustainable operations are a major priority, mainly considering the global energy transition, and in this scenario owners and operators balance regulation with environmental stewardship. Safety remains paramount throughout an offshore asset's lifecycle, including its end-of-life phase. 

Decomissioning activates encompass various situations posing risks to both crew and the environment, such as aging infrastructure and assets with potential structural issues. Whether at the site or recycling yards, these situations can result in crew injury or the unwanted release of hazardous materials.

Maintaining asset integrity throughout the decommissioning process is crucial for protecting the environment and personnel.


Cutsheet: Offshore Asset Decommissioning

BS provides comprehensive support for offshore decommissioning, ensuring safe and sustainable practices. With over 70 years of offshore leadership, ABS is here to guide you through the process.


Providing Support at Every Step

At ABS, we offer comprehensive services to support the safe and sustainable decommissioning of offshore assets worldwide. Our services cover every aspect of decommissioning projects, from survey and carbon reporting to engineering analysis, equipment removal inspection, regulatory planning and support at recycling yards.

With over 70 years of leadership in offshore services, our extensive experience has equipped us with a deep understanding of the decommissioning process, including sustainable practices, carbon accounting, regulatory frameworks and the technical challenges faced by aging offshore assets.


How ABS Can Help

  • Carbon footprint determination (whole or by phases)
  • Emissions determination
  • Verification of goals achievement
  • Emissions reduction initiatives
  • Green recycling certification

  • Engineering analysis
  • Verification of decommissioning engineering; structural integrity of modules and skids, lifting analysis, modules and jackets transportation analysis, etc.
  • Verification of engineering documents related to domestic transportation and reefing (if applicable)

  • Risers and umbilical removal analysis
  • Subsea equipment removal analysis

  • Independent third-party verifications on behalf of project stakeholders
  • Inspection on behalf of the owner or operator
  • Condition inspection of equipment to be removed
  • Survey/inspection of removal of equipment, risers, subsea
  • Onshore inspection of equipment at arrival, warehouse, etc.

  • Identification of requirements
  • Regulatory assistance
  • Assistance with the development of a regulatory plan
  • Implementation of a regulatory plan

  • Verification of implementation of plans and processes
  • Auditing of the recycling process
  • Project management support

  • Verification of dismantling process
  • Qualification of welding/cutting procedures
  • Verification of equipment removal, preservation or disposal
  • Verification of destination and disposal (materials and waste)
  • Procedures and quality audits
  • Issuance of third-party periodical reports