Offshore Energy Production

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Stay informed and supported with the assistance of ABS. Our team is here to support all of your offshore projects. 


Leading The Way For Safer Floating Production Units

ABS provided classification services for the industry’s first floating production system, the first FPSO in U.S. waters, the first semisubmersible production unit, the first production spar, and verified the first TLP operating in the Gulf of Mexico.


ABS Rules & Guides For Production Units

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World Leader in Classed FPUs


We have a strong presence worldwide with the following types of floating production units.

Converted and Newbuild FPSOs

ABS classed the first FPSO in U.S. waters in 1978 and continues to develop proprietary tools for the site-specific evaluation of dynamic load components, hull strength and fatigue assessments.


ABS has been involved with classing three generations of spar design improvements, from classic or deep-draft caisson to truss spars and cell spars.

Pipelines and Risers

ABS verifies that pipelines, risers and umbilicals supporting FPIs are designed, fabricated and installed according to approved designs and sound industry practice.

Tension-Leg Platform (TLP)

ABS has been involved with tension-leg platform (TLP) technology from the outset and has been instrumental in developing appropriate class standards. ABS has classed the full range of TLP designs.


ABS has decades of experience classing purpose-built and converted production semisubmersible platforms for deployment in deepwater fields.

FPSOs: Future Success and Sustainability - On Demand

ABS recently joined Petrobras, MODEC, and Standard Chartered Bank in a digital roundtable discussion to explore the key transformations for FPSO project success and sustainability.



Well Established Relationship with Regulators

  • We remain the only classification society authorized to act on behalf of the United States Coast Guard (USCG) to inspect and approve floating offshore design, construction, installation, and equipment for the U.S. Outer Continental Shelf.
  • ABS has acted as Certified Verification Agent (CVA) for BSEE on the majority of the floating production units operating in the Gulf of Mexico
  • ABS is also experienced in Brazil regulatory framework and maintains strong interaction with ANP (Agência Nacional do Petróleo, Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis) and DPC (Diretoria de Portos e Costas)