Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) and Welder Qualification Records (WQR)

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Welder Qualification Records and Non-destructive Examination (NDE)

ABS provides services to witness to weld procedure qualifications and welder qualification tests to companies needing a verification to ABS Rules or welding standards such as:

  • EN ISO 15614
  • AWSD1-1
  • EN ISO 9606.

ABS will perform a comparative review of the requirements of the above principle welding codes, not all inclusive, and attends the client’s facilities as required to perform the verification inspection points for the above examinations.  

Welding Consumables:

Welding consumables such as welding rods and covered electrodes need to undergo testing to meet ABS requirements for welding in the marine and offshore industries. Filler metals listed in the material manufacturer database are approved based upon tests conducted on each product represented by each manufacturing plant in accordance with standards established by the Bureau or by other recognized agencies.

ABS requirements for the approval of filler metals are contained in the ABS Rules for Materials and Welding (Part 2). These requirements have been established for the approval of filler metals for use in the construction of ships and other weldments and in general reflect the work of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS), of which ABS is a member society.

A listing of all companies approved by ABS for welding consumables can be found in the material manufacturer database.

Benefits of ABS Welding Consumables Approval: 

  • Demonstrated quality to your customers
  • Demonstrated compliance with international/recognized standards and ABS Rules
  • Searchable in the ABS Material Manufacturer Database and access to Maritime and Offshore Markets.
  • The required annual testing of welding consumables provides added assurance that your consumables meet the latest standards and requirements.

Non-destructive Testing (NDT) and Examination (NDE) 

In the marine and offshore markets, one is dealing with environments that are particularly harsh. The welded products and materials need to be more reliable than one would for commercial land-based structures. Quality procedures and trained personnel are essential to operate in this industry. 

ABS provides services to review to NDE procedures for verification to ABS Rules and Guides as well as recognizing these types of service companies. See ABS Guide for Nondestructive Inspection of Hull Welds for more information on this topics. 

Recognition for NDE Companies

To have your company recognized by ABS, more information can be found under our Service Suppliers Program Page. To start the process, please submit a request via form link service suppliers for category Non-Destructive Examination

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