Mariner Personal Safety

Mariner Personal Safety

ABS Guide for Dropped Objects Prevention

The new ABS guide includes a program of requirements and best practices to protect assets, personnel and working environments from dropped object incidents.


Improving Safety with Data Management

The ABS Mariner Personal Safety (MPS) project is a collaborative effort to create a large international database and online repository of maritime injury and close call (near miss) reports. The information can be analyzed to identify trends, possible causes and lessons learned to develop benchmarking statistics and relevant training requirements. The project has collected more than 100,000 injury and close call records from 31 data sources.

ABS is collaborating with Lamar University (Beaumont, Texas) and maritime industry partners around the world on this project to publicly share data and put the data into usable context for owners and operators.

Industry partners have confidentiality agreements in place with ABS and Lamar. Their data is sanitized to protect privacy and hosted on a secure server. Partners who share data have access to these records, which are updated frequently. Any maritime company can become an industry partner if they want to share information with other MPS partners. Once information is shared, they will have access to the databases and document portal.

Industry partners use MPS data to direct safety efforts by identifying hazards for specific spaces on board, as well as to identify potential new hazards related to crew activities. The data is also used to support corporate safety management systems, to develop job hazard analyses and job safety analyses, and to update and revise operating procedures. MPS tools and documents developed from the data are based on the research efforts and activities of ABS and Lamar involving MPS, safety culture and potential leading indicators.