Smart Technologies for Shipyards

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The transition towards digitalization in the shipbuilding industry is accelerating and necessitating the use of smart technologies to improve design, fabrication and operational processes. To learn more about how ABS can support you with smart technologies contact our technology specialists below.






Smart technologies have been implemented into shipyards to help manage the yard resources and energy consumptions through data analysis as well as to deliver real-time data access and hands-free verification through AI/AR-based remote solutions.


The maritime industry is in the midst of a significant technological transformation commonly referred to as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. Utilizing smart technologies can improve a yard’s design, fabrication and production activities as well as worker health and safety. 


To support the industry in this technological transformation, ABS has published the ABS Guide for Smart Technologies for Shipyards. This Guide is the first of its kind, offering insight into how shipyards can incorporate new digital technologies in their operational processes. These new technologies utilize digital and data-driven innovation in three key areas:


1.  Hyperconnectivity – Real-time data access and information sharing

2.  Advanced Automation – Indicates the production activities are performed by the automation equipment to substitute human tasks

3.  Data-driven Intelligence – Information generated through analysis by engineering algorithms or human level computer intelligence


Shipyard Smart Technology Certification Framework


The Guide also includes a Shipyard Smart Technology Certification Framework designed to establish the maturity level of the evolving technology and to qualify, verify and validate the implementation of smart technologies in shipyards. This framework consists of the following phases:


Once new or existing smart technologies are implemented and the shipyard has demonstrated compliance with the applicable requirements outlined by ABS Rules, a Product Design Assessment (PDA) and a Manufacturing Assessment (MA) certificate can be issued by ABS. The yard will then be listed as Shipyard Smart Technology in the ABS Type Approval database demonstrating the yard’s commitment to the digital transformation of the shipbuilding industry.