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Christopher J. Wiernicki, Chairman, President and CEO of ABS details how the maritime industry’s ‘new norm’ is characterized by sweeping and disruptive changes in technology, skill sets and leadership.

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Leading Class into the Digital Future

ABS continues to lead marine and offshore innovation. In a constantly evolving industry, ABS works alongside its partners tackling the most pressing technical, operational and regulatory challenges so that the marine and offshore industries operate more safely, securely and responsibly.

As a digital organization, ABS leads classification into the future by leveraging data and digital technology as it transforms its core services and drives new and innovative solutions for the marine and offshore industries. For many stakeholders, today's industry transformation is focused on improving productivity, efficiency and optimization by embracing digitization and connectivity. As an industry leader, ABS understands the importance of recognizing shifts in talent requirements and development, leveraging data and employing  a convergent mindset that values safety, technical viability economic feasibility and societal sustainability to better serve the industry.  


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