Transfer of Classification

Transferring Existing Vessels to ABS Class

Transfer of class - transferring existing vessels to ABS class from other International Association of Classification Societies (IACS) members - can be a quick, simple and relatively inexpensive process. Owners are able to reap significant operational advantages by placing more of their fleet with ABS. The combined power of the maintenance management software provided by ABS Nautical Systems and the industry-leading technology embodied in the ABS Eagle Survey Manager Program offers owners analytical tools for optimizing fleet efficiencies.

Prompt, Responsive and Professional Service

In addition to the basic requirements detailed in the IACS Transfer of Class (TOC) procedures, ABS has established procedures to help ease an owner through the process with minimal disruption to commercial and vessel operations. An owner can initiate the Transfer of Class process by contacting any ABS office. A dedicated project team will manage the process, beginning with a review of the ship’s current status and history, followed by the coordination of necessary arrangements for meeting the requirements. The ABS Project Team Coordinator works closely with the owner during this process and serves as the single point of contact, working to ensure a smooth transition from the class society from which the vessel is being transferred. ABS representatives will also assist with collection of the plans and information needed by ABS to facilitate the class transfer. The Project Team Coordinator will alert the owner to any potential issues in advance of scheduling the vessel’s transfer surveys.

The ABS Advantage

The ABS Advantage in Transfer of Class

Optimizing Fleet Efficiencies

Significant operational efficiencies can be gained by forging a mutually beneficial alliance between an owner and a single class society. By consolidating a fleet under ABS class, owners are able to tap into the most powerful suite of life cycle management tools available to the industry today. When a vessel is transferred into ABS class, it automatically receives several value-added benefits, at no charge. These include:

This package of programs provided by ABS forms a valuable tool that will help ship owners monitor the condition of their vessels. Whether a single ship or an entire fleet, no classification society delivers a more comprehensive or responsive suite of classification services than ABS.



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