Statement of Compliance

Compliance Reviews and Inspections for Manufacturers

ABS can act as a third party for verification of non-class equipment and components to standards and testing requirements other than the ABS Rules or Guides. A Statement of Compliance from ABS demonstrates that a manufacturer's product has been inspected or reviewed by ABS and meets the specified requirements of their selected industry standard or testing procedure. 

Statement of Compliance Scope

Depending on the manufacturer's specific needs, ABS can provide a Statement of Compliance to verify the design, manufacturing or testing of the equipment.

Through its global engineering team, ABS can provide reviews to national, international or industry standards identified by the manufacturer.

During manufacturing and testing, ABS can provide inspection services that include visits to the facility by an ABS surveyor for:

  • Visual examiniations
  • Material traceability confirmation
  • Dimensional checks
  • Non-destructive examinations
  • Hydrostatic tests
  • Functional tests
  • Other similar activities

The verification activites will need to be defined by the manufacturer prior to commencing each inspection.

Issuance of Statement of Compliance

Upon completion of a requested design review, ABS will provide Statement of Compliance which will indicate the national, international or industry standard to which the equipment specifics were reviewed.

The Statement of Compliance for inspection serves details the testing or verification of results for equipment or components to the manufacturer's specified standards, and is based on the ABS surveyor's direct observations, physical testing or examiniation carried out. 

Statements of Compliance can only be issued for equipment or components that are not covered by the ABS Rules or statutory requirements.