Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Rating Improvement

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Improve Your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Rating, Advance Your Operations

Greenhouse gas (GHG) ratings have become an important factor for vessel charterers as they consider the available vessels and fleets. An increasing number of shipowners and operators are looking to voluntarily monitor, report and improve their GHG emissions.

Often a better GHG rating is indicative of a more fuel-efficient vessel, which makes it more attractive to potential charterers.

Additionally, the IMO’s Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) adopted a new strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the shipping industry. The strategy seeks to reduce emissions by 50% (compared to 2008 emission levels) with the goal of eventually phasing them out. This target indicates that the global shipping industry is committed to reducing GHG emissions.

Shipowners and operators have begun exploring more fuel-efficient vessels and low-carbon fuel options.



GHG Rating Services for Vessel Owners and Operators

As shipowners and operators look to improve their environmental ratings to both maintain and attract potential charters, they face complex decisions on how best to identify, report and reduce GHG emissions.

ABS offers a variety of services and solutions to help improve GHG ratings. These services include benchmarking, verification of efficiency measures and calculations and vessel optimization. ABS provides its clients with proven technical knowledge and practical experience for GHG reporting and reduction.