ABS Completes EU MRV Monitoring Plan Assessment

ABS, a leading provider of classification and technical services to the offshore and marine industries, has completed a monitoring plan assessment for the lead vessel in the Prime Tanker Management fleet.

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Tankers play an integral role in global energy transportation. As the world’s leading class organization for the tanker market, ABS offers tested practical and technical experience to tanker owners and operators through the duration of a vessel’s life cycle.

For new construction projects, ABS engineers and surveyors work closely with an owner’s technical staff and their selected shipyard to satisfy compliance with ABS’ construction and operation standards and other applicable regulations.

A network of more than 2,000 ABS engineers, surveyors and operational support staff are located around the world to assist the ABS-classed tanker fleet – the largest proportion of ABS’ total fleet – and deliver efficient, practical and responsive service throughout a tanker’s life cycle.

ABS classes tankers of all sizes and specialties. And as oil transportation technology evolves, so do the range of our services and solutions for the ABS-classed tanker fleet.

We stand ready to serve.