ABS My Digital Fleet™

Connect all your data. Make smarter decisions. Drive sustainable results.

ABS My Digital Fleet™ offered by ABS Digital Solutions LLC is the only customizable risk management platform that seamlessly integrates data to provide real-time insights for driving sustainable operations and reducing operational risks.

Key Capabilities 

Unified platform for all stakeholders

  • Connect disparate data sources and standalone applications
  • Surface AI-driven, actionable insights
  • Gain full visibility into fleets’ health and performance

Voyage performance optimization

  • Drive decarbonization goals
  • Capitalize on fuel savings opportunities
  • Optimize route in real-time to boost voyage economics 

Asset risk management

  • Determine operational risk drivers configurable to owner, operator, and charterer view
  • Run proactive campaigns to improve asset availability
  • Benchmark vessels against global fleet for continuous improvement  


Risk Rating Powered by 360° Insights


ABS My Digital Fleet™ offers a tailored Risk Rating, delivered from environmental, operational, structural and machinery insights to manage risk. The machine learning based model is informed by your asset’s data and industry-trusted, intelligence and technology providers through the My Digital Fleet™Alliance Program.





Environmental Insights provides visibility into the impact of daily decisions on the vessel’s carbon footprint and allows for identification of continuous improvement options for maintaining a sustainable fleet.

  • Visualize decarbonization KPIs, including CII, EEXI, Poseidon Principles, and Sea Cargo Charter
  • Track daily carbon intensity (EEOI and AER) and emissions (CO2, SOx, and NOx) during a voyage
  • Identify opportunities for emission reduction throughout the voyage with route optimization, deviation tracking, and trade route comparison
  • Gain insights into emission reduction system performance along a voyage
  • Monitor allowed waste streams live during voyage and stay informed on local / international discharge regulations at every waypoint and port
  • Streamline reporting to various stakeholders, including MRV/DCS verification bodies, by integrating with noon reports, high-frequency live data and electronic logbooks


Operational Insights provides actionable intelligence to improve fuel efficiency, reduce carbon intensity and optimize energy efficiency by integrating with noon reports or high-frequency data, as well as third-party intelligence systems. 

  • Forward plan an optimal route and speed considering weather, hull fouling, bunker prices, port costs, required ETA and other relevant factors
  • Track vessels underway and monitor fuel consumption, performance speed, ME power, weather, and potential time loss in support of charter party requirements
  • Measure performance changes over time or the increase in added resistance to help determine the optimal time for hull cleaning and propeller polishing
  • Gain insights on fuel consumption trends and patterns over time, voyages, and trade routes to identify potential fuel savings opportunities


Machinery Insights provides visibility into fleet wide and asset-specific machinery health and reliability trends by integrating with onboard machinery sensors and maintenance systems, allowing a Reliability Centered Maintenance strategy for the fleet.

  • Visualize live health status and performance of machinery systems and equipment
  • Automate early discovery of potential failures and predictive insights through AI-driven analytics, including possible diagnostics for observed anomalies or detected failure conditions
  • Receive automated alerts and email notifications on detection of exceedances or potential failure conditions based on user-configured thresholds
  • Assess reliability for machinery systems and equipment through benchmarking and comparison across similar categories
  •  Visualize industry recognized machinery health KPIs and measure effectiveness of maintenance campaigns


Structural Insights provides an asset-specific dynamic overview of emerging structural risks to help explain past findings, monitor current voyages, and predict future degradation.

  • Fleet overview with structural risk indicators based on each vessel’s encountered wave conditions
  • Forecast potential structural risks for planned voyages based on the vessel route and forecasted weather data
  • Monitor vessels during their voyage and receive automated alerts for extreme load events or excessive fatigue damage accumulation
  • Drive proactive inspection, maintenance, and repair campaigns
  • Understand relationship between a vessel’s trading route, weather, and structural integrity to make more informed routing decisions


A Shared Solution

ABS My Digital Fleet™ provides actionable intelligence for all stakeholders to achieve more sustainable operations – all in one, unified platform. 

Charterers – Operate Sustainably

  • Wholistic view of vessel operations and performance
  • Reduce fuel consumption and carbon intensity throughout the voyage

Shipowners - Improve Fleet Performance

  • Assess performance and optimize operations based on data-driven insights
  • Measure and report key environmental metrics to external stakeholders 

Ship Managers - Proactively Manage Risk

  • Digitalize operations by connecting onboard and onshore systems
  • Maintain compliance and improve asset availability across the fleet

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