Training Certification

Training Certification

Certification At a Glance

Teaching facilities and equipment are appropriate. Instructors are suitably experienced and qualified. Training meets the requirements of applicable standards. Course content, design, development, and maintenance based on industry best practices. Training facility management follows a suitable quality standard with a management system in place.

ABS Academy offers an independent third-party review and assessment of the facilities, courses, and instructors for maritime education organizations. The certification program verifies the training is uniform in quality and meets certain minimum criteria based on development, content, delivery, and quality management standards.

ABS Academy’s criteria are based on best training practices from major ship management companies. The Certification of Maritime Training (CMT) program aligns with STCW and other applicable national and flag State requirements, as well as recognized industry guidelines for maritime training.

Benefits of ABS Academy’s CMT Certification

  • Demonstrate that your training facility’s course development, maintenance, delivery, evaluation, and improvement cycles adhere to an approved systematic process
  • Receive approval from a recognized Quality Standards System (QSS) organization, as required by STCW
  • Reduce the overall effort required and minimize costs to achieve and maintain maritime training certification
  • Distinguish your training program from other non-certified competitors, thereby improving your business reputation and market presence
  • Improve internal audits by focusing on continual improvement

ABS Academy auditors, with maritime training experience, will conduct an integrated audit of your training facility, course materials, and trainers to ensure that your organization delivers the required level of training for mariners.

Once certified, you will receive a specialized logo and promotional evidence that can be shared with third parties and clients.

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