Greenhouse Gas Inventory and Carbon Accounting

A Cohesive Solution for Demonstrating Sustainable Success 


At ABS, we are pairing our maritime and offshore experience with our in-depth understanding of carbon economics to provide you with the tools and support that you need to seamlessly develop and deploy carbon accounting within your organization. Contact us today to learn more..

With a global focus on greenhouse gas emissions reduction, being able to account for every aspect of an organization’s carbon footprint is a necessity in order to adhere to increasing regulations, social pressures and stakeholder demands. 

What is Carbon Accounting?

Carbon accounting, also known as a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, is the process by which organizations quantify their GHG emissions.  Quantifying emissions provides insights to organizations so that they may understand their climate impact and set goals to limit their emissions

Reporting emissions requires that a robust system of carbon accounting is in place enabling quantification, monitoring and disclosing of GHG emissions in a transparent method that follows a universally accepted standard.

GHG emissions are categorized into three accounting categories based on industry standards:

Scope 1: Direct GHG Emissions
Scope 2: Electricity and indirect GHG
Scope 3: Value Chain – indirect GHG

What Are the Benefits of Carbon Accounting?

1. Management of Carbon Risk

The ABS carbon accounting service assists with managing environmental risk and business continuity including carbon tax and emissions trading, preparing your organization for complying with the rapidly changing regulatory environment.

2. CFP Statement

As the energy mix undergoes rapid change, we can expect a mix of conventional fuel, green fuel and hybrid fuel. Emissions quantification for energy consumers will become more complex. Consumer demand will require disclosing the CFP of fuels.

3. Emissions Reporting

Disclosure of emissions is becoming a requirement in many geographical locations. With our service offering we can assist you in generating a GHG emissions statement for mandatory or voluntary purposes such as compliance with regulatory authorities or ESG reporting.

4. Green Funding

Development of a project proposition that has been validated is essential for availing various grants and green funding. ABS assists clients with developing the proposition or by validating a previously developed project proposition.

5. Assurance

ABS works as a GHG verifier where verification of GHG or CFP Statement Report and validation of project proposition is required by GHG Schemes or by Regulatory Authorities for submitting to governments, financial institutions or for public disclosure.

6. Control of Emissions

ABS can provide decision support for environmental management, by tracking chronological changes in emissions. Helping to evaluate the effects of various activities on energy or emissions performance enhancement measures initiated by your organization.

7. Address Stakeholder Expectations

The ISO standard’s global acceptance can enhance organizational reputation regarding environmental awareness and active dedication to environmental concerns, while also demonstrating to stakeholders your commitment to sustainability, beyond voluntary participation.

How Can ABS Assist?

ABS provides GHG inventory development in conformance with the ISO 14060 collection of standards which are applicable and adoptable to a variety of individual units or projects as well as integrable to the organization level.  Our GHG inventory service will enable you to monitor and control energy consumption and GHG emissions from project inception all the way through to construction, production and decommissioning. 

The ABS Approach

At ABS we can assist you in putting the tools in place to successfully implement your GHG inventory.

Our four-step approach includes:

  • Carbon data management
  • Defining appropriate key performance indicators
  • Evaluation including determining the baseline, defining the targets and strategy development
  • Generation of GHG report or statement