USCG Independent Lab

ABS has been accepted by the United States Coast Guard (USCG) as an independent laboratory to witness production tests and inspections, and supervise prototype construction, where appropriate based on equipment type.

For an ABS surveyor to witness a prototype test or production test, please submit a request via the form link. 

Pre-Approval Plan Review Process

ABS Houston is authorized to perform pre-approval plan review for various types of equipment.

For approval of novel lifesaving launching appliances, under approval series 160.115, 160.132, 160.133, 160.135, 160.156 can assist in starting the application process with the CG-USCG-4 office.

A laboratory does not issue the certificate of approval (COA) of any equipment; this is completed by the CG-ENG-4 office. 

For an ABS engineering evaluation, please submit a request via the form link. 

USCG Accepted Laboratory

Our status as an accepted independent laboratory is publicly available at

USCG Service Types by ABS

  • 160.010 Buoyant Apparatus
  • 160.017 Chain Ladders
  • 160.027 Life Floats for Merchant Vessels
  • 160.051 Inflatable Liferafts for Domestic Service
  • 160.062 Hydraulic and Manual Releases for Lifesaving Equipment
  • 160.115 Launching Appliances-Winches
  • 160.117 Embarkation Ladder (SOLAS)
  • 160.118 Rigid Liferafts
  • 160.132 Launching Appliances-Davits
  • 160.133 Release Mechanisms tor Lifeboats and Rescue Boats (SOLAS)
  • 160.135 Lifeboats (SOLAS)
  • 160.151 Inflatable Liferafts (SOLAS)
  • 160.156 Rescue Boats and Fast Rescue Boats (SOLAS)
  • 160.162 Hydrostatic Release Units (SOLAS)
  • 160.170 Liferaft Automatic Release Hooks (SOLAS)
  • 160.170 Davit-Launched Liferaft Automatic Release Hooks (SOLAS)
  • 163.002 Pilot Hoists
  • 163.003 Pilot Ladders