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ABS, the Royal Canadian Navy, and Defence Research & Development Canada Launch Digital Asset Framework Pilot

ABS and the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) and Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC) have engaged in a pilot program to deliver the ABS Digital Asset Framework for the RCN’s Maritime Coastal Defence Vessels.

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World's Most Experienced Government Class Organization

ABS provides trusted technical advisory services for government vessels anywhere around the globe. Our team delivers unequaled experience accumulated over 100 years of work with the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and other government ship owners supporting uninterrupted global force projection, law enforcement, research, survey, and logistics operations. ABS is the world’s most experienced and largest Government class society, with more than 200 classed government vessels.

Services at a Glance

Our comprehensive portfolio of services supports every phase of a government vessel’s life cycle – from concept refinement and detailed design and construction through the entire service life.  

Services include:

  • Verifying the design and construction to ABS Rules, Naval Administration requirements and applicable international regulations
  • Providing ABS SLEP, a structured vessel life-cycle management tool that aids in periodic condition assessment of critical machinery systems and hull structural components to maximize vessel and fleet service life
  • Reviewing designs to military standards such as the Naval Ship Code
  • Performing periodic inspection by specialized ABS Surveyors to verify vessels remains fit for purpose and implementing regular maintenance regimes
  • Design refinement to support mission requirements using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), full ship finite element analysis and ultimate strength analyses to optimize vessel design characteristics, and enhance safety & operational reliability
  • Analyzing alternatives, providing new technology qualification and awarding Approval in Principle during the preliminary concept refinement stage

The ABS Difference

Nearly 4,000 ABS technical professionals around the world provide the experience, knowledge, and professional judgement to deliver safe and reliable vessel operations. Regardless of your fleet’s location, age, or vessel type, our team of subject matter and technical specialists can help you achieve your goals.