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Preparation for Port State Control

Initially, Port State Control (PSC) inspection usually consists of a visit on board by the local PSC inspector to verify that necessary certificates and documents are valid. The initial visit also gives the inspector an opportunity to judge the general appearance and condition of the vessel. Detailed inspections are warranted when the PSC inspector observes areas of concern as per the PSC regimes internal criteria (and any Concentrate Inspection Campaign). The vessel may be then identified as a high-risk vessel and/or a vessel of concern.

Turn to ABS to learn about the kind of issues PSC insectors focus on during inspections in different ports and let us assist by preparation with our interactive port state control reference checklist.

For additional contact information pertaining to specific PSC regimes, please visit the following websites:


If Your Ship Is Detained

ABS is ready to assist the owner and/or master with clearing the vessel from a Port State detention. Owners and representatives are reminded of their obligation
to notify ABS, in accordance with the ABS Marine Vessel Rules 1-1-8/5, when a vessel is being detained by a Port State Authority or flag administration. If the owner does not notify ABS of a detention, then ABS reserves the right to suspend or cancel classification of the vessel or invalidate the applicable statutory certificates. 


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