Innovation and Technology

Industry Partnerships

Research with industry stakeholders – operators, shipyards and manufacturers, governments and other class organizations.

Industry Partnerships

ABS and Green Award Collaboration

ABS has joined the Green Award certification network to help drive safer and more sustainable global shipping.

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Innovation through Industry Partnership

ABS regularly partners with industry stakeholders – owners and operators, shipyards and manufacturers, governmental entities and other classification organizations -- to research and develop solutions to evolving technical, regulatory and performance challenges in the marine and offshore industries.

Explore some of our recent projects below for examples of industry challenges, or for more information about ABS activities with industry stakeholders, contact the ABS Technology team.

CFD Simulation of LNG Boil-Off Gas in LNG Carrier

ABS And GasLog LNG Services Joint Study

This joint study evaluated key parameters affecting LNG Boil-Off Rate (BOR) in LNG carriers during loading and unloading operations and voyage. ABS and GasLog LNG Services Ltd simulated BOR using expanded computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques. The results will help owners better predict boil-off gas and account for it in future designs.

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Extensive Study of Mooring Systems Chain Corrosion

Fatigue of Corroded Chains Joint Industry Partnership

ABS co-organized the Fatigue of Corroded Chains (FoCCs) JIP to conduct numerical simulations of corroded chains in mooring systems, and establish a methodology for assessing the remaining life of mooring chains. The JIP includes 15 organizations, including oil majors, manufacturers, design and consulting firms and classification organizations.

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Laser Peening Study to Improve Resistance to Fatigue and Stress Failures

ABS and National Shipbuilding Research Program (NSRP)

Laser peening is a material processing technology that uses high-energy, short-duration laser pulses – to create deep stress which can greatly improve resistance to fatigue and stress corrosion cracking failures. This project will evaluate laser peening in the shipyard industry with a focus on aluminum ship design, construction, and repair – to assess aluminum structure improvements imparted through laser peening.

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Hull Monitoring to Optimize Maintenance

ABS and Marine Research Institute Netherlands JIP

The focus of the VALID 2 JIP is optimizing service life maintenance based on hull structure monitoring system data. The project included development of a prototype hull structure monitoring system to quantify fatigue life and extreme load of USCG WMSL class hull structure. Location of the sensors was optimized using state-of-the-art-numerical tools in combination with methods developed in its predecessor project, the Valid JIP.

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Validating Noise Analysis Process And Mitigation Methodology

ABS and Onomichi Dockyard – Ship Onboard Noise Joint Study

ABS and Onomichi Dockyard in Japan collaborated on a study to analyze, measure and mitigate ship onboard noise. The joint projects validated the ABS noise analysis procedure, and proposed noise mitigation methods leading to shipyard design modification. These methods are being applied to tankers and bulk carriers in the joint projects.

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Drillship Moonpool Hydrodynamics

ABS and Keppel Joint Study

ABS and Keppel Offshore & Marine Technology Centre (KOMtech) carried out a joint study on the mechanism of increased resistance caused by the drillship moonpool. A computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation method was developed to predict fluctuations in resistance due to hydrodynamic flow inside the moonpool. A further study investigated moonpool dimension effects on resistance. A general design principle was established for drillship moonpool dimension selection and added resistance prediction based on study results.

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