Hazardous Materials (IHM) and Ship Recycling

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Did You Know ABS Offers IHM Surveys Remotely?

Following engineering approval of the IHM, ABS customers can request their initial IHM survey be performed through the remote survey platform. The survey can support compliance with both EU Ship Recycling requirements and the IMO Hong Kong Convention with the necessary flag approval.

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Support in developing an Inventory of Hazardous Materials - Marine and Offshore

Improper handling of hazardous materials can impact crew safety, and if not recorded properly, can expose an owner to risk and liability.

Owners are faced with complying with EU Ship Recycling regulations and preparing for future IMO requirements.

The primary regulations impacting the inventory of hazardous material are

  • The Hong Kong International Convention for the Safe and Environmentally Sound Recycling of Ships, not yet in force, and
  • The EU Regulation No 1257/2013 on Ship Recycling (EU SRR), which entered into force on 30 December 2013 and is applicable to offshore and marine vessels (including mobile offshore units) flagged with EU Member States and certain non-EU flagged vessels calling on EU ports.


Meeting IHM Compliance

To meet regulatory requirements, owners need to identify areas, types and quantities of hazardous materials onboard each vessel. Owners need a simple, yet effective, way to gain and maintain compliance with the Inventory of Hazardous Material (IHM) requirements.

Through its user-friendly web-based IHM application, ABS provides a simple platform that guides owners in developing an accurate and thorough IHM.

Once an IHM is complete, ABS can provide an engineering review and verify the location of hazardous material on board that are listed in the IHM and deliver a Statement of Compliance.

Solutions for IHM Maintenance

Once owners have developed their IHM inventory and their Statement of Compliance has been issued, the next step is ensure the inventory is maintained properly. This includes:

  • A management policy to maintain the IHM inventory including designating a responsible person (ashore or on board);
  • A management system to maintain the IHM (can be done through software):
  • Request of Hazardous Material Information
  • Review of Collected Information of Hazardous Materials
  • Development of Revision of the Inventory
  • Review of Revision and Instruction of Updating Inventory
  • Update of the Inventory on Board
  • Ascertaining the Conformity of the Inventory;
  • Ensuring the continuity of Conformity of the inventory;
  • The ability to provide related documents as required for the survey or sale of the ship


With teams in place across the globe, ABS can provide solutions that can simplify your hazardous material challenges and help you meet IHM compliance and maintenance requirements.