Safety Case Verification and Validation Services

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Curious about safety case verification and validation services from ABS? 

Helping to manage major accident hazards in accordance with legislative requirements and safety regulations

The unique nature of the oil and gas industry requires the highest standards of risk management and assurance processes to minimize major accident hazards and the subsequent risks to the safety of personnel and the environment.

Verification forms a key part of the risk management process and is a legislative requirement in many locations.  Even where this is not the case, operators frequently choose to adopt a verification approach as best practice for their operations worldwide, recognizing the full benefits it can provide.

What We Do

ABS provides industry leading verification services over the lifecycle of an installation from initial suitability, operational verification through to decommissioning. These services are supported through the ABS Verification Manager™ portal to assist owners and operators with managing major accident hazards in accordance with legislative requirements and safety regulations.

Approach to Verification

 With a holistic perspective, ABS looks at not only the intent of legislation, including the reduction of major accidents and environmental events, but also at the long-term benefits that an operator can obtain from correctly completed Verification. 

Additionally, the ABS Verification Manager™ enables greater insights into safety and environmentally critical systems, further helping to optimize the operator’s assurance process to ensure it is focused minimizes safety risk and improves operational performance, thus maximizing technical and economic benefit.

Benefits of ABS Approach

  • Expertise - Our dedicated team of specialized Verifiers  provide ongoing guidance over the lifecycle of an installation.
  • Efficiency - Digitalized processes with remote witness capabilities can minimize risk and streamline compliance
  • Quality - Realistic solutions using digital intelligence to help operators evaluate and manage their safety risk on a continual and evolving basis

Benefits of ABS Verification Manager™ Portal

Visibility - Allows 24/7 access to verification records, providing a continuous health check view of the unit’s safety systems and associated risk profile across the asset life cycle.

Insight - Using trending data and on-demand reporting, enables flexible planning and informed decisions on goal-based solutions that minimize safety risk.

Adaptive - Can incorporate the guidelines of multiple regulatory safety schemes to existing assets, providing a visual comparison of the global mobility possibilities of your fleet.

ABS Verification Manager is a cloud-based platform that provides reliable assessment, monitoring and reporting of safety and environmental critical elements (SECEs) across the lifecycle of offshore and onshore assets.