Herbert-ABS Releases HECSTAB Offshore

(ALAMEDA, California) Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC today announced the launch of its HECSTAB Offshore Stability Evaluation Software.

Designed with a versatile user interface featuring improved 3D and 2D viewports, HECSTAB allows naval architects to easily evaluate multiple design options for non-ship shaped offshore assets.

“HECSTAB is a powerful commercial application enabling users to simply create multiple models of offshore assets and quickly analyze the stability impact of design changes,” said Hendrik Bruhns, President, Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC. “HECSTAB allows the user to setup, run and generate results for a wide array of batch analyses, including those required for offshore regulatory evaluations.”

HECSTAB functionality includes the “free twist” variable heeling axis stability calculation method, batch tools for running stability evaluations on a large matrix of regulatory intact and damaged conditions, the ability to develop V-Curves from a range of loading conditions, as well as integration with ABS Wind software.

The software is highly adaptable, with an easy-to-use Python scripting interface enabling architects to customize or create new templates to support required analyses. A fully documented application programming interface is provided, allowing power users to create scripts for every imaginable task.

For a full list of the latest features included in HECSTAB, please visit www.herbert-abs.com

About Herbert-ABS

Herbert-ABS Software Solutions LLC (Herbert-ABS) sets the standard for leading-edge stability, load management and emergency response software solutions for the marine and offshore industries.  A joint venture between Herbert Engineering Corporation and American Bureau of Shipping, Herbert-ABS supplies quality marine and offshore software products that include LMP-Offshore (offshore load management), CargoMax (shipboard trim, stability and loading) and HECSALV (salvage engineering and design). Herbert-ABS is headquartered in San Francisco, with site offices in Houston, Glasgow, Singapore, Busan and Shanghai.

Herbert-ABS recognizes that success comes from putting their customers first in terms of on-time deliveries, technical excellence and after sales support.  Their solutions are user-driven and endorsed worldwide.