Management of Change

Managing Change for Reduced Risk

Change is inevitable within any type of business. It arises from the need to respond and adapt to varying conditions. Modifications may be required to the equipment, operational policies and organizational structure or personnel. Whenever a change is made, the potential consequences of that change should be assessed before implementation. History has illustrated the potential negative consequences associated with uncontrolled change.

A Management of Change (MOC) system is a combination of policies and procedures used to evaluate the potential impacts of a proposed change so that it does not result in unacceptable risks. Developing an effective MOC strategy requires establishing, documenting and successfully implementing formal policies to evaluate and manage both temporary and permanent modifications in the facility or ship including equipment, materials, operating procedures and conditions and personnel.

Successful organizations are dynamic and constantly undergoing change in striving for innovative and cost-effective solutions to achieve sustainability in a robust and competitive business environment. A disciplined management of change system will not only minimize significant impacts on safety and the environment but will incorporate strategies in managing the associated business risks on quality, continued commerce and security.