MEPC 72 Brief

This MEPC 72 Brief provides an overview of a number of issues progressed at the IMO Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) which concluded its one-week session today, April 13th, 2018. 

The Committee adopted an initial IMO GHG Strategy. Amendments to regulation 14 of MARPOL Annex VI and the form of the Supplement to the IAPP Certificate concerning the prohibition on the carriage of non-compliant fuel oil for combustion purposes for propulsion or operation on board a ship, were approved with a view to adoption at MEPC 73. Exemptions for ships equipped with an equivalent arrangement were also approved. Revisions to the reference line parameters for determining the EEDI for Ro-Ro Cargo and Ro-Ro Passenger Ship under MARPOL Annex VI were adopted. 

The Committee adopted an implementation scheme for ships to comply with the D-2 biological standard and a new Code for Approval of Ballast Water Management Systems under the BW Management Convention.