ABS Japan Increase Activities with AIPs

ABS Japan has recently issued two Approval in Principle (AIP) to key industry players in Japan, namely, Japan Marine United Corporation and Sanoyas Shipbuilding Corporation.

Japan Marine United Corporation was issued an AIP from ABS on 19th January, 2017 for increasing the design vapor pressure of their unique LNG containment system, SPB® System, of up to 4BarG exceeding the 0.7BarG, which is the normal maximum vapor pressure for prismatic tank under the IMO IGC and IMO IGF code.  The AIP covers the design procedure which is based on the limited state design for novel concepts defined in the IMO IGC code in 2016 edition.  This new concept allows the system to hold BOG in tank by pressure accumulation, and enables to optimize the design vapor pressure and LNG handling system following the BOG holding time requirement.

Sanoyas Shipbuilding Corporation, a consolidated subsidiary of Sanoyas Holdings Corporation,  was recently granted AIP on the LNG fuel supply system and the design of the LNG fuel tank, LNG vaporizer and buffer tank of the propulsion system for Gas Fuel ships.  The LNG fuel supply system is jointly developed by Sanoyas and Seika Engineering Co., Ltd.