China's COSCO Seeks Opportunities with ABS


ABS COO Tony Nassif, Mr. Liang Yanfeng, President of COSCO Shipyard Group Co., Ltd., and ABS President and COO of the Greater China Division Eric Kleess discuss opportunities for working together in the future.


Members of the leadership team from China’s COSCO shipyard Group took advantage of their visit to Houston for the Offshore Technology Conference to schedule a visit with ABS management. A long-time client of ABS, COSCO is looking for more opportunities to work together.

“We recognize the value we have gotten from working closely with ABS,” said COSCO Shipyard Group President Mr. Liang Yanfeng, “and we would like to discuss areas for expanding and improving our partnership.”

COSCO has worked with ABS on a broad range of marine and offshore units, including container ships, tankers and high-specification units for offshore, such as mid-water drilling rigs, offshore support vessels, and floating, production, storage and offloading vessels.

According to COSCO, the group is number one in China in revenue generated from offshore work and has carried out nearly 700 projects, including repairs, conversions and newbuilding, amounting to 25% of the offshore work being done in China’s yards. Nearly 90% of its clients are from outside China, the company says.

COSCO has reached out to ABS in the past on a range of disciplines, including project management, production, and quality control, receiving training that expedited concept mastery and enabled COSCO to establish business fundamentals that allow for a high expectation level for project execution. The objective of the group’s recent overture is to build on the successes of the past to expand its leadership role in China.

Through training and informational exchanges with ABS, the group hope to upgrade and improve current designs and raise environmental awareness.

ABS COO Tony Nassif acknowledged the working history the two companies share and the obvious potential value of continuing to look for opportunities to work together in the future. “COSCO is a valued ABS client – and one with which we see significant mutual value in enhancing our partnership,” he said.