“Dinner with an ABS Technical Specialist” Supports the Needs of Hong Kong Shipping Industry

Building upon the close partnership with Hong Kong shipping community, two “Dinner with an ABS Technical Specialist” events were successfully organized in Hong Kong recently, which attracted senior representatives from major ship owners, shipping companies, and ship management companies.

The first event took place on 23rd June with the expert Dr. Franck Violette, Director of Operational and Environmental Performance in the ABS Greater China Division (GCD), who specializes in energy efficiency and techno-economic analysis. Following the first success, the second Dinner was well organized on 2nd July with Duncan Peart, Assistant Chief Surveyor in the ABS GCD, sharing insights and information on safety and port state control. Both events were organized by General Manager of ABS Hong Kong Office, Mr. Pier Carazzai, who also participated and moderated the ongoing discussions.

Recognized as a technical advisor, ABS has always focused on providing technical support based on its mission-related activities, a core component of which comprises safety, and value-added service that industry craves to address the changing need. With this goal to identify common issues and possibly generate tentative solutions for the Hong Kong shipping industry, both events were held in an open, stimulating and free-flowing environment that helped spark enthusiastic discussions from attendees.

More events are planned after the summer, including LNG as a fuel, vessel performance, energy saving devices and so on.

Driven by industry needs, ABS has continued expanding its presence as necessary to tackle challenges to Hong Kong shipping industry. Earlier this year, another new milestone for ABS and also for the Hong Kong Shipping industry has been established by forming ABS Hong Kong Technical Committee, which will promote the exchange of technical views on ABS Rules and address Hong Kong shipping industry issues. The tight working relationships with the industry will drive ABS to continue its close alignment between the ABS research and development program and industry needs.