ShipServ & ABS Nautical Systems to Cooperate on Marketing & Technology

(London and Houston, Texas---) ABS Nautical Systems and ShipServ have announced a far-reaching co-operation initiative which will see the two companies strengthening ties on marketing and software integration.

The companies will undertake joint marketing of their two systems to their many shared clients in the marine and offshore industries. They will also include a number of enhancements in upcoming software releases to make ordering ship supplies via ShipServ TradeNet even easier for ABS Nautical Systems users.

“We are delighted to further strengthen our relationship with ABS Nautical Systems,” said ShipServ CEO and founder Paul Ostergaard. “Our companies share many qualities and closer co-operation will benefit both our client bases in making it easier and simpler for them to gain full featured e-commerce access from within the NS5 system.”

ABS Nautical Systems and ShipServ have already helped forward-thinking shipping and shipmanagement companies including OSG, Crowley, Teekay Shipping and Bernhard Schulte Group to gain the advantages of combining NS5 and ShipServ TradeNet. The combination has delivered measurable savings and efficiency gains – benefits which both companies will now seek to bring to a wider audience.

“We are very pleased to be working more closely with ShipServ, which is already a valued associate,” said Karen Hughey, President and COO of ABS Nautical Systems. “Fleet management software is a mission critical tool for shipping companies in terms of competitive edge and efficiency. Streamlined purchasing is key to realizing efficiencies and a closer link with ShipServ is the natural way to help our customers achieve that.” 

Users of ABS Nautical Systems’ NS5 fleet management software can already use a direct link to ShipServ’s Pages directory to search for suppliers. The latest functionality allows NS5 users to launch Pages from within NS5, pre-populating their product search with data the user has entered in NS5.

Next phase developments will see ABS Nautical Systems develop specific tools to manage RFQ and Purchase Order file attachments and integration of the ShipServ transaction monitor, enabling purchasers to see a dashboard view on the status of transaction.  Future plans include the extension of ShipServ TradeRank to enable ABS NS5 users to submit comments and feedback on sellers.

“Both ABS Nautical Systems and ShipServ think that this co-operation can create a lot of value for our common clients,” said Fernando Lehrer, Director of Product Development for ABS Nautical Systems. “This integration improves visibility and transparency increases overall efficiency of the purchasing process.  We want to support the needs of our common clients and for that we have to continue evolving and enhancing functionality.”

ShipServ will be among other companies presenting at the ABS Nautical Systems 2010 Annual User Conference, which will be held in Vancouver, Canada, 12-14 October. 

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About ABS Nautical Systems
ABS Nautical Systems, a division of ABS, is the fastest growing provider of fleet management software in the world. Its offerings are at the forefront of software solutions that promote cost and operation efficiency for the maritime industry. Through these innovative and customer-driven investments in research and development, ABS Nautical Systems is able to supply its clients with practical software solutions that can have a measurable impact on a ship or offshore user’s operations and business. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ABS Nautical Systems has offices around the world to serve its extended customer base.

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