Steel Coil Loading

Steel Coil Loading

Bulk carriers are capable of loading a variety of different cargoes and need the ability to be flexible for charterer’s loads that may be not be typical to their operations. Recognizing these demands, ABS developed a service and analysis tool that enables more flexible loading of atypical steel coils. In developing this software and service, ABS has taken a comprehensive approach to steel coil loading that enables faster decisions regarding the suitability of the vessel to carry new types of cargoes.

Using the ABS loading analysis software enables timely and accurate decisions on the carriage of steel coil loads that are not included in the loading manual. Through its loading analysis service, ABS provides tables that define the allowable limits of steel coil arrangements in cargo holds, supporting more optimized and efficient loading.

By utilizing the ABS steel coil loading analysis service, owners and operators can demonstrate a commitment to safety that supports more efficient operations.

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