Smarter Lashing

Enhanced Lashing Guide and ABS C-LASH®

Securing containers safely is becoming a more complex endeavor given the challenges introduced by larger ships, higher container stacks, flexible bridges and increased stack weights.

To address these complexities, ABS has enhanced the ABS Guide for Certification of Container Securing Systems (Lashing Guide) and developed new companion software, ABS C-LASH®.

Central to the Lashing Guide is a newly developed nonlinear analysis procedure that represents a significant improvement over traditional formulas for container securing. Used with the ABS C-LASH® software, the Guide helps users evaluate mixed, external and internal lashings at multiple tiers and multiple lashing points, twist-lock gaps in both vertical and horizontal directions and the effect of lashing bridge flexibility.

The advanced ability to account for these variables allows owners and operators to make smarter and more informed decisions on cargo distribution and lashing arrangements.

Lashing Analysis Service

Applicable to any containership operating in the world today, ABS offers a service to analyze existing lashing systems utilizing its ABS C-LASH®. By modeling an existing lashing arrangement using the most modern nonlinear analysis methodologies, we have the opportunity to identify any possibilities for improvements in the cargo securing system.

The ABS Lashing Analysis Service supports owners and operators in developing and maintaining smarter lashing systems that reduce risk and increase efficiency and safety. 

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