ABS Convenes Second Annual Offshore Equipment Safety Advisory Committee Meeting

One of the most important activities at ABS is developing and updating the standards used in the design, construction and survey of vessels, MOUs, other marine and offshore structures, and a host of specialized equipment systems. To make sure this function is carried out as effectively as possible, ABS forms committees made up of industry experts to provide input.

The Offshore Equipment Safety Advisory Committee held its first meeting a year ago to address requirements related to ABS’ core mission of safety, as well as class and certification of equipment used in offshore production and drilling operations. The eventual goal is for this committee to become a formal “Rules” committee in the future when the Guide for the Classification of Drilling Systems (CDS Guide) is published in the form of ABS Rules.

The second annual committee meeting was held in Houston in March.

Attended by approximately 50 committee members from the offshore industry and representatives from ABS, the meeting focused on addressing requirements related to the safety, class and certification of equipment used in offshore drilling operations. Industry professionals, including equipment manufacturers, rig owners and designers, discussed proposed changes to the CDS Guide and how the suggested changes will add value to the CDS classification process.

Industry participation is crucial in developing Rules and Guides and is integral to ABS’ Rule development process. With these committees and expert input, ABS is able to develop and update the standards for the industry.