ABS GCD Provides a Tailored Training to Taizhou MSA

ABS Greater China Division (GCD) provided a one-day tailored training to Taizhou Maritime Safety Administration (MSA). Approximately 30 Taizhou MSA Port State Control (PSC) Officers took advantage of the training.

Once received the training request from the Taizhou MSA in January 2017, ABS GCD Hua Zhong (China Central) District has worked closely and coordinated with GCD Survey, Management Systems Certification (MSC) and Engineering to deliver the expected training.

“It is our pleasure to get invitations from Taizhou MSA office for any technical support or training classes.” ABS GCD Hua Zhong (China Central) District Manager Michel Labrie said, “Meeting and sharing common topics related to vessel safety is an effort to ensure true collaboration between MSA and ABS. The enhancement of continued collaboration has been demonstrated again in the invitation from local MSA offices, and enables us to spread our mutual mission which is to “promote the security of life and property and preserving the natural environment” through training assistance and mainly, continuous communication.

To meet the expectations, the training was developed based on the requests of Taizhou MSA. ABS GCD Assistant Chief Surveyor Duncan Peart presented various topics including English Language Skills during onboard inspection, Introduction of Classification, and PSC Case Studies. ABS GCD MSC Lead Auditor Captain De-Gui Hu addressed MLC 2006. ABS GCD Engineering representative shared his views on Chemical Carrier Regulations during the training.

Since most trainees are recruits, the specific designed class will help them better understand the detailed requirements of onboard inspection, as well as enhance their communication skills in English with specified terminology.

After the training, positive feedback has been received. One of the trainees commented, “The training is exactly what we expected to learn how to communicate in English more professionally and expand our knowledge related to onboard inspection.”

ABS has built and continues to strengthen the mutual trust and cooperation with Provincial and local China MSA offices in recent years. In 2015, ABS GCD implemented a PSC Action Plan to enhance the communications and establish a closer working relationship with China MSA offices. In addition, multiple tailored trainings have been delivered to China MSA Port State Control Officers to respond to their needs, the training for Taizhou MSA being the most recent one.

 “ABS is pleased to leverage its technical resources to provide tailored trainings and meet the needs of China MSA.” Duncan Peart said, “As a class society, it is critical to consistently improve our PSC performance. ABS has made significant efforts in maintaining its leading position and has worked closely with authorities to reduce deficiencies and detentions, and ABS Surveyors have played a pivotal role in this process.”

ABS GCD has continued to receive requests from China MSA Offices for tailored training to meet the needs of their Inspectors, and structure training can be provided at their own offices or at the ABS training academy in Shanghai.  

With the positive feedback from the trainings, ABS GCD will continue to leverage its expertise to provide technical support and tailored trainings, ultimately to work closely with authorities and to promote the safety of ABS-classed vessels.