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ABS Greater China Division Provides Safety Training to China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu)

Posted on Nov 22, 2016

ABS Greater China Division Provides Safety Training

ABS Greater China Division (GCD) delivered a half-day safety training to China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd on 20 October 2016. China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu) Vice General Manager Huang, Xiaoming, and more than 70 managers and supervisors took advantage of this training.

Led by ABS GCD Division Safety Head Gao, Shugui, the training covered broad topics including ABS’ study on maritime accident in recent years, shipyard typical casualty accident analysis and shipyard confined space safety, with a goal to respond the yard’s need in improving its safety awareness. Through the investigation and analysis on the cause of the accidents occurred during vessel construction and operation, Gao emphasized during the training that about 85% of the accidents were related to human error, and the biggest problem is lack of awareness and assessment to potential hazards in the environment.

As core value of ABS, safety is fundamental to all activities. Over the year, ABS has been dedicated to the research on the data of marine accidents and identifying the accident factors related to human error, to provide data support for practical safety guidance. In addition, ABS has worked with industry to build and develop methodology of human factors / human engineering.

During the training, Gao also introduced DuPont Bradley Safety Culture Curve, which defines the different stages of safety culture cultivation. He said that in the process of safety culture cultivation, it is essential to enhance shipyard front line safety inspections and maintain close communications with employees. The training has been highly valued and been taken seriously by the shipyard. ABS and China Shipping Industry (Jiangsu) will work closer and strengthen communications and exchanges in improving vessel construction and operational safety.

“The enthusiastic interest and commitment form a key industry partner such as China Shipping Industry on this critically important value of safety awareness and striving to improve global safety culture is thoroughly pleasing and energized us to continue on the road of cultivation!” ABS Greater China Division Vice President of Operations Darren Leskoski commented.