ABS Honored for Contributions on Dynamic Positioning

Representatives from the Marine Technology Society’s (MTS) Dynamic Positioning (DP) Committee recently thanked ABS for support and collaboration that led to the committee receiving the 2016 OTC Distinguished Achievement Award.

2016 OTC Distinguished Achievement Award

The OTC Distinguished Achievement Award was presented to the MTS DP Committee for its work in facilitating incident-free DP operations through knowledge-sharing. Founded in 1996, the DP Committee was formed to encourage information exchange, open discussion of technology and to foster improved DP reliability as well as to promote training and education, develop guidelines and address other pertinent dynamic positioning issues.

“ABS is proud of its involvement with the MTS DP Committee, and we are pleased to share in this award,” says ABS Executive Vice President for Global Offshore Ken Richardson. “As a technology leader, ABS uses this same approach of involving industry representatives to develop Rules and Guides, including those that support safer and more reliable DP applications.”

ABS published the ABS Guide for Dynamic Positioning Systems in December 2012, introducing new notations for Enhanced Systems (EHS) and Stationkeeping Performance (SKP). ABS is continually working to improve DP safety and is currently working on new DP Vessel Operations Guidance Notes, studies on operational efficiency and integrity of DP vessels, and DP Trials lessons learned.